Barb Leeson

I’ve got a secret that I’m going to share with you.

I’ve been an artist and creative for as long as I’ve walked the earth but I’d become bored and burnt out even with my life’s passion of painting.  So I gave myself a year off. Just a year.  Wait and give myself a rest and it was my best decision.

I took a few online courses and also took a great big critical look at some past works I still had on hand and the secret is …. I had forgotten to use my mastery of my craft.  I woke up, reworked the paintings with all the skill and technical knowledge I’d forgotten I had learnt at art school and beyond. The Mastery. So inspiration is back, creativity is back, I’m back loving my art, loving this place, loving being inspired with this beautiful coastal space and giving you all the knowledge that I am.

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