2024 Ninety Mile Beach Surf Fishing Competition

Purchase a "Monster Raffle" ticket.

The Ninety Mile Beach Surf Fishing Competition is a 2-day competition, held Good Friday, March 29th from 12:01 am to Easter Saturday, March 30th 2024 at 4 pm and is secret weight competition.  The secret weight will be determined by the organising committee before the event begins, and the fish that weighs closest to the secret weight will be declared the winner.

Prize for the 2024 Ninety Mile Beach Surf Fishing Competition is to the value of over $2000 and include:

- $1,500 cash prize
- Fishing and camping equipment to the value of over $350
- BCF Gift cards to the value of $150

The following Terms and Conditions apply for the Ninety Mile Beach Surf Fishing Competition:

Entry to the Ninety Mile Beach Surf Fishing Competition is only through the purchase of a "Monster Raffle" ticket. Children under 18 years of age are welcome to enter but their "Monster Raffle" ticket must be purchased by a responsible adult.

- Fish from the beach only.
- Our competition is open to people of all ages and fishing abilities.
- Fishing can commence from 12:01 am Good Friday.
- Fish must be weighed in by 4 pm Easter Saturday to be eligible for entry in the competition.
- The weigh-in station is open between 10 am and 4 pm in the Market Day Square on Easter Saturday.
- A limit of one legal fish can be entered for each numbered "Monster Raffle" ticket purchased.
- To enter multiple fish you must purchase multiple "Monster Raffle" tickets, one for each fish.
- Fish must be of legal size and legal variety.
- The fish closest to the secret weight wins the competition.
- If there is more than one fish with the same weight the winner will be decided by draw.
- The weight recorded by the weigh-in station is final.
- Fish without heads, gills or tails will not be weighed.
- All fish must be gutted with full cut and cleaned of all sand.
- The winner will be announced at 7 pm in the Open Garden on Easter Saturday.
- Results will be published on our Facebook page within 24 hours.
- In the event that an emergency prevents this contest taking place the free bonus offer will be void.

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