Community Plant Nursery

About us

The Community Plant Nursery is a Community Project sponsored and operated by the Golden Paradise Beach Ratepayers & Residents Association Inc and is part of the Golden Paradise Beach Community Tourist Park.

We are currently opening Saturdays from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm.

The Team is run by 100% volunteer members, and is a part of the Golden Paradise Beach Ratepayers & Residents Associations Healthy Living Lifestyle Program.

Please find below a number of downloadable Information booklets provided by Shires across the Gippsland Region

Our thanks to: Latrobe City, East Gippsland, Wellington Shires and their respective authors.

The Royal Botanical Gardens Cranbourne & Botanical Gardens Sale Gippsland also have something for all green thumbs, see links below:

Volunteering in the Garden

If you are interested in exploring volunteering opportunities, send us an email and let us know your motivations for volunteering with us, what time commitment you can make on a regular basis and the sorts of projects you would like to work on with us. You can find out more about our programs and projects here.

Our preferred model of volunteering is a regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly time commitment that can be sustained for at least six months. We find that with this model, a suitably rewarding volunteer work plan can be negotiated and fully integrated with the Team Leaders workplans.

When it works well, not only do we get the value of your generous contribution of skills and experience to specific projects, but you get to experience these great benefits:

• Happiness: Volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t volunteer.
• Health: Sustained volunteering is associated with better mental health.
• Community: The experience of helping others provides meaning, a sense of self-worth and inclusion.
• Skill building: You have an opportunity to learn new skills.

(source: Volunteering Victoria):

All members are required to embrace our volunteer charter that is based largely on standards advocated by Volunteer Victoria.

Please note: you will be required to undergo a National Police Check before commencing in a volunteering role with us. Volunteers who participate in programs that directly engage with children (e.g. anyone under 18 years old) will require a current "Working with Children" check.

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